Saturday, February 9, 2008


I've heard and read about a eyebrow shaping method called Threading for a few years now. The other day when I was walking through Grapevine Mills Mall I saw a kiosk set up with two ladies doing it. It looked like the ladies getting their eyebrows shaped were rather enjoying the experience. So when I got an email from a salon I get massages/pedicures/manicures from asking for people that would be willing to be "models" for a new lady they have on staff (read "she's never been paid to do this before ... want to be a guinea pig for a reduced rate?") I was like, Oh, sure! Sign me up. I paid $10 for the threading when generally the services runs at least $45. Sounds like a GREAT deal, eh?
I have NO IDEA why people do this time and time again. It feels like 100's of tiny razor blades slicing into your brow. If I hadn't had my finger tips up there, helping keep various areas tight, I'd have wondered if I was bleeding. Seriously. She asked me if it was better or worse than waxing (which I usually do) and I had to be honest and tell her it was worse. At least with waxing at the most there is four rips and it's over. With threading, they go over the areas time and time again, getting "the look" just right. Yeah, the arch is nice. Yeah, I like the outcome. But certainly NOT anymore than I do with a eyebrow wax. Yeow. At least the redness that always accompanies the hair getting torn from my face subsided faster than when I get it waxed off.


TinaLaRae said...

I've never heard of this, Threading? But after your experience I will never try it. I have to admit I've only had my brows waxed twice in my life and it was better then when I've tried to "pluck" them myself. OWEE
I guess I'm lucky, as everybody thinks I get my brows done regularly, when I haven't done a thing since 2002!)

Krista said...

yeah, I am ridiculously hairy. Thanks, mom and dad :(

Anonymous said...

don't be blaming me for this one I'm not that hairy and this procedure sounds barbaric but it sure is a good look.L mom