Sunday, February 10, 2008


Did you have a favorite subject in school? One you dreaded?
For sure. I was always really strong at English. You could write yourself out of pretty much anything. Teacher wanted a wild tale? No problem, make up something that never in a million years would happen. However, I was never really good at the particulars. Like, what are verbs, nouns, pronouns, ect? I have no idea.
I HATED Science from probably grade 7 on. There was a teacher at R.I. Baker - Mr. Cook who made this particular subject absolutely wretched. I enjoy science in practice - I love going to scientific museums, manipulating subject, learning how things work - but in school, I was a failure. In high school I took the lowest level of Science you could take. I think it was Science 14 and 24. Yeah, I was pathetically bad at it.

Tell about a fishing or hunting experience.
Fishing tales all "swim" around my grump. I do not think I have ever fished with anyone else. Ever. We'd go out on his little putter boat, laze the morning away, tell tall tales and occasionally catch a fish or two. Though I always hoped and prayed I didn't catch anything. I HATE most of the types of fish you'd find in the Creston area. The gutting and deboning ... bleech! Makes me want to yak just thinking about it.
Any "hunting" would have been done out on my grandma and grandpa Bowlby's ranch (I think they call it a farm ... I call it a ranch). They'd send out a passel of us kids with BB guns to shoot the gophers. Until that time, I had no idea gophers made any noise at all.

Did you have a favorite toy as a child? Did it have a name? What memories are connected with it?
I didn't have a favorite toy, I had a special blanket. It was soft and flannel on one side. Its name was "Woobie" like that kids blanket from "Mr. Mom”. It "mysteriously" disappeared, with my parents both saying I needed to take better care of my things. Years later I found out they thought I was at the age I should get over having a blanket and had stashed it in Michael's closet. I may still be bitter about that. I've tried to encourage my kids to have a special attachment to something, mostly out of defiance probably. However, the only thing they have shown any particular attachment to is me *sigh*.

What is your childbearing philosophy?
To each her own! I went both ways - not by choice. With Ms. R, pretty much as soon as I didn't want to bare the pain anymore I asked for an epidural and it was allllll good from there on in.
B-Man ... it was different. I'd asked for an epidural; however it got blocked up in the tubes so it wasn't working. They tried to numb "the area" with needles as I was preparing to push, but that just made it hurt all the more. Not impressed. When we got the bill from the anesthesiologist I sent back a curt letting explaining exactly why we would not be paying for THAT part of my hospital stay. We never heard from them again.

What is a favorite place to go with your husband and your children?
Jerry isn't around a whole lot. Never has been. Up until this last New Years the only place I have been positive I could count on his involvement in a family activity would be the Fourth of July over in Delta with his family. Then again, that wasn't really our family doing anything together - because he is always off with his brothers the entire time we are there. So even over there, it's me stuck with the kids.
However, this last New Year’s we went with most of his family over to Florida. When all of us were awake, Jerry spent all of his time with the kids and me. It was a great experience. So now, my favorite place to go as a family is Disney World ... mostly because that has been the only place we've gone and had dedicated "Jerry time".


Lindsey Rae said...
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Lindsey Rae said...

haha. What did Mr. Cook do so bad?

I had him...but I don't recall anything too terrible...

I hate science too. But only because I hate gross things, like cutting ugly dead things open.

I a couple years ago I took a was taking an at home physical science class in college and they sent us home with our own little tool box that was full of lab experiments we were supposed to do with every lesson. Some were ok, but one of them was a grasshopper dissection. So, we actually had a little bottle with a giant, dead grasshopper in it we were supposed to cut up at home. I told Jerrod I was not bringing the tool box into the house of doing any of the other experiments until he threw the grasshopper out. Like, who is really going to cut into a giant dead grasshopper on their kitchen counter? Not me! So, Jerrod got rid of it so I would do the rest of the labs. I think I just had to make up the answers for the grasshopper one...

Anonymous said...

gophers, kids, some people can't tell the difference

Anonymous said...

all good things must come to an end and so with the Woobie especially since its was just tatters and could no longer be washed

Krista said...

You could have TOLD me. Or we could have made ANOTHER ONE. All sorts of options :(