Saturday, January 19, 2008


I haven't been doing much, had a lot happen, or had much to report lately. I feel writing here is kind of pointless when you're just babbling on. But then, I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs. Even if the author isn't saying much. So I'll join in and write about not much.
Have you ever had the feeling, something deep in your being seems to be whispering to you ... that a change is coming. That something really good is just around the corner if you just wait a little while longer you'll get your just rewards. I've been had that niggling feeling for the last couple weeks. I have yet to see that premonition come to fruition, but that doesn't mean it's not coming. Patience. Must use patience. I am REALLY crumby at patience.
My mom sent me a Nu Wave Oven for Christmas ... or maybe it wasn't so much for Christmas as just with my Christmas presents; as she'd used it a few times previously and didn't really love it. When I'd mentioned to her on the phone this product I'd seen on TV but wasn't sure I felt comfortable buying it without seeing it in action she immediately said she had one she'd love to give me. I have seriously used it EVERY day since I got home from Florida. Everything is thrown in the Nu Wave, pork chops, roasts, potatoes, pizza, egg rolls, egg muffin sandwiches... I LOVE IT! The only thing I have used our oven for since receiving it is cupcakes and cookies. There are so many benefits! The money you save on energy, the healthier way you're cooking, being able to toss in FROZEN meats and have them come out 20 minutes later tender and juicy as fresh meat, how light and fresh all your foods taste... I could go on and on. I won't though, don't want mom to regret the choice she made in sending it to me ;) I guess it helps that because of B-Mans diets all we really eat are fruits, vegetables and meats. I'm not sure how casseroles, pastas, ect would cook in there, as I haven't tried it out.
Yesterday I also had the opportunity to once again appreciate how good my kids are. All three of us were sitting together, all snuggled up with a blanket, watching some sort of show and I fell asleep. Two and a half hours later, I wake up. Yeah, really. Two and a half hours. Do I wake up to food strewn everywhere? A mess of toys? Kids colored all over? Walls climbed on? No. Ms. R is sitting at the table singing one of her silly songs she loves to make up and as she does some sort of craft. B-Man is in the front room playing with his train set, also singing. I'm sure this isn't what they did the whole time I was sleeping. But as I walked around the house to evaluate the damage ... there was none. Sure, toys in the bedrooms, a movie on in Ms. R's room, crackers sitting on the table, paper clippings all around the table ... but overall, no damage.


TinaLaRae said...

That is awesome! What great Kids!

Anonymous said...

no regrets I'm glad you like it. and yes you're kids really are very well behaved

Matt & Jessica said...

I am so jelous my kids are into everything

Lisa said...

That feeling of change in the air always makes me a bit nervous. We, too, feel like change is a comin'...and we're not sure we're ready for it. Time will tell.

Jenie said...

The oven sounds very cool!!!