Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2nd Edge

Tell about some of the most notable people in your hometown. The only people that anyone made a fuss over in Coaldale were the hockey players. Not unduly so, I guess. Kyle McLaren went onto play in the NHL, still does actually. So did Stacy Roest for a while (he now plays in Sweden... I think). The town was only about 2500 people when I lived there, so it wasn't likely that anything really exciting was going to happen.

What do you think about movies? What is your favorite movie and why?

I think movies, generally, are a nice "escape" from reality. I don't like thinking too deeply about any of the movies I watch because generally, I'm not going to get any REAL answers to any of the questions that might pop up. I like movies you can go watch, enjoy, walk out of with a pleasant feeling and never have to be bothered by it again. Garden State is my favorite movie. In direct violation to all my movie going attitudes, this one made me think, cry, wonder. I think Zach Braff is a genius.

What was the first piece of furniture that you bought?

I believe that would be ... the stereo set I bought with my babysitting/news paper delivery money when I was 14. It was the same cost as a Scooter, which I had also been considering buying. However, when I weighed out the pros and cons ... the stereo which I could use year round and not just two months a year, won.

What was your favorite place to go with your family when you were young?

There were two places. My first love was grandma and grandpa
Bowlby's (adopted family) ranch. Their house, for the longest time had the stacked together log cabin appearance. Something about coming up over the hill and catching my first glimpse of the house always flooded me with warm welcoming love. Like I knew when I was there, I was loved. The few times I have made it back there in the last 10 years I still get that sensation. There was always a bowl of ice cream - a heaping bowl of ice cream to be had there. Grandpa never skimped on his scoops. At family functions there was always cousins crammed into every room, crawling out of every nook and cranny. You want privacy? Ha! Not likely. We'd take the cushions off the downstairs couch and go whipping down the carpeted stairs, usually ending up with more bumps and bruises because of how many of us there was bustling up and down. The pool table was a source of bruised fingers (who knew those long sticks were to hit the balls with?), laughing matches and fierce competitions. Grandma had a closet full of toys that I have yet to find anywhere else, probably
because all the toys were so old. The other favorite place was Fairmont Hot Springs, BC where my parents had a timeshare. There was so much to do there! Swimming, beach volleyball, basketball, walleyball, squash, golf, hiking, air hockey, pool, board games, biking, horseback riding, a beach, the Recreation Center ... You were never bored! It's probably the biggest reason I am gunning for us to own something like that of our own. I'd like my kids to have memories like that when they grow up.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure gramma would love to hear what you wrote about the farm. Hint, the old fashion letter writing still works for people who don't have computers.

DoDo said...

You have a great picture of Stacy Roest! But he is not playing in sweden! He plays in Switzerland and is our Topscorer! :-D