Saturday, January 26, 2008

Egg Whites

For lunch today I decided to try out this "egg white" idea. You know, separating the yolk and white and using ONLY the whites. I HEAR it's the healthier way to go. Though it seems a shame to waste the yolks ... for the greater good of my health, I figure I'd try it out. With only 17 calories per large egg white it seemed like an okay way to go.
So I sliced up part of a green pepper, onion and some left over smoked ham (if there had been mushroom on hand, I'd have thrown that in too). Tossed that in a pan, grilled it till it was tender then added the egg whites. On another pan I warmed up a tortilla with a bit of mild salsa dabbed down the middle. When it was all ready I wrapped it together and had a DELICIOUS wrap. Yummy! You may want to try it out.

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