Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love It

The other day, after I'd slipped on one Bounce sheet too many (there are always the stray ones that I don't catch IN the clothes and end up on the laundry room floor) I decided to be all brave and try out a new product.
The Bounce Dryer Bar.I.
I have one less step doing the laundry, I never have to worry about them landing on the floor and I'm not wondering if I should use a full, half or 1/3 of a sheet per load (yeah, that really was one of my dilemmas. What can I say? I'm neurotic.)


Jenie said...

I tried it and loved it at first until after a few cycles it stopped sticking to my dryer and left residue all over my clothes.

Michael said...

You. Have. A. Problem. But don't feel bad, I think its genetic because I have it too.

Krista said...

Jenie - try applying the bar directly after you've finished a load and the dryer wall is still hot. Let it cool. Then try again. It should stick like a dream. Mine has been in there for at least a month with no problem at all.