Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

First of all ... when did we all become so stinking politically correct that we can't even have this break AT Easter or call it EASTER break anymore? I mean, seriously. Why do other religions object to Easter as long as they get a break? It's probably just me being politically ignorant and stubborn. But still.

Any who. The kids and I headed back up to Canada with my mom (we decided to fly using air miles, since driving would have cost us well over $1000) for our Spring break and my niece Emma's baptism. Not THEIR EASTER break, but our SPRING break. Which meant the Canadian cousins were in school the whole time we were there.

For me, it was still well worth going. There never seems to be enough time to see/do it all. There are always more people/places that I could/should have seen/went. It's one of the things I love about going up to Canada. I can do absolutely nothing but sit at someones house all day and play games with them ... or I can be running around like a chicken with my head cut off (does anyone else have an actual visual picture of that in their head? No? I do.) trying to get to everyone/everything I want to do while I am there.
Either way, there is always someone around.
I love that.

Ms. R was given the class "Scooby Do" for the trip. So we endeavored to take as many pictures of her in Scooby in various "Canadian" settings. Airplane, Airport, with her grandpa at his store, at the R.C.M.P. station, with the southern Alberta wind turbines, out at her great grandma and grandpa Bowlby's farm ...

B-man had a great time up in Canada. There was the actual flight to Canada, swimming at a pool my sister in law rented out, tons of Wii play time, tromping through the fields at my grandparents place, meeting new "friends", learning the art of "stair sliding" ...

There's never a lack of things to do in Canada. On hand I'm sad we are probably not going up there this summer ... on the other hand I REALLY hope that means that my sister in law is coming down with her kids so we can explore Texas together for a few weeks.


Jessica said...

I love the scoobydoo pictures!

Jenie said...

I hope we can too!!!! We loved having you here...I like playing games with another adult:)