Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Love My Kid, how 'bout YOU?

Over Spring Break (*cough cough*) while we were in Canada I got an email from B-mans' teachers telling me about a project they were giving to the kids... I mean the "family". Here's the email I received:

Family Project

3-Dimensional Seussical Character

We recently celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with an extensive author study. Also, in Math, we have introduced 3-dimensional geometric figures (i.e. cone, sphere, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism, triangular prism and pyramid). As an extension of our study of geometry and a connection to our study of Dr. Seuss, scholars will complete a family project at home. Each scholar will design an original Seussical character out of a household item made of a particular 3-dimensional shape (i.e. box, can, paper towel roll). Parents may assist with locating an appropriate 3-dimensional item that can be altered using original thought and creativity. Any art supplies or tools are welcome to decorate the unique Seussical character (i.e. construction paper, paint, pom poms, wiggle eyes, feathers, etc.). It is important to include the distinct features of a Seussical character so attached pictures have been provided on this note as a reference. Scholars will be expected to identify the 3-dimensional shape used to make their character as well as some of the attributes of their shape (i.e. sides, faces, corners).

All Seussical characters are due Friday, March 26, 2010.

Thank you for encouraging creativity and mathematical thinking.

Ooooh K. So you want my KINDERGARTNER to step up and make a 3-D character using geometrical shapes? Riiiiiight.



You know what this REALLY is, don't you? It's a "How involved are you, as a parent?" test. It's a "How much do you really love your child?' question.

I asked B-man what character he wanted to do. I tried to steer him towards a fish or Thing Two. But no.

This is who he choose. Can you tell who it is?


Dawn said...

It's Horton!! Otherwise know as just another excuse for Brogan to be obsessed with Elephants=)

Jenie said...

It is fantastic...apparently you fall in the good mom category.

mom said...

I think you passed the test!! Sorry I took so long to see it, so excuse just forget to look in all the places I'm supposed to look