Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hahaa. That's Soooooo funny.
You know what happened to this post?
The mystical "You Apparently Don't Know How to Use the Internet" fairies.
They are an evil bunch. EVIL I tell you!

I had wrote out an entire entry. Filled with correct spelling, pictures and happiness.
I had however failed to take into account that I had signed out of my email account in the midst's of it ... hence out of blogger.
None of it saved.
None of it but the title.
Darn you blogger and your finicky ways. (That's right, I'm not taking any blame for this one.)

However, fueled with 12 hours of sleep I feel I am more than up to the task to re-writing and possibly even making my last post better.
You'll never know the difference since I didn't post the last entry ... But in all confidence that I can post THIS entry I'll say it's much better than the one that came previously.

On to the adventure!

My mom and I choose to go on a semi-short cruise of a week (not too short - those just seem like a waste of time and money) to test out a number of things. Most importantly how tolerant we were of cruising. As an avid motion sickness person, I was worried. Very worried. That I would spend the voyage curled up in a ball, clutching my head, running to the toilet, miserable beyond belief.
These little puppies, I am sure saved my neck. As it was, I just felt like I was a wee bit drunk without the nasty side effects. I honestly enjoyed the feeling immensely ;) Anything in the name of not getting motion sick!

The first day was all about Seeing the Ship for the First Time getting Mustered and coming back to our first towel animal. (On that note, our room stewart was AWESOME. He remembered our names and greeted us every time we saw him... oh yeah, and he kept our room immaculately clean.)

Our second day was spent at "sea" - well, more the Gulf. But that's just splitting hairs. My mom and I weren't prepared for how little there was to do on our ship during the sea days ... fortunately I had brought a Cribbage Board along (on the off chance we'd have time BEFORE we got on the ship.) So we played cribbage, did some Suduko, DIDN'T lay in the sun (it was darn chilly!), got dressed up for the "elegant night", watched a show ...
This was the day we got some exciting tides too! Our cabin was on the bottom level, which seems to be just above sea level when you're going 16.5 nautical miles per hour (my mom and I spent a lot of time with our tv on the ship locator channel. It told you where we were, how fast we were going, where the winds were coming from, what the sun rise and set times were). Some of those waves seemed to billow up to above our cabin window. It was stinking facinating to watch. Then again, my mom and I decided we are both very easily entertained.

The third day was a port day. Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico. My mom wasn't too hot on the idea of seeing Mayan ruins (which is what the excursions for this port are) so we just hung around the port town. Walked trough the street markets, laid out on the beach, got harrassed by street urchins, ate bad Mexican food, got Henna tattoos, endured two 10 mile bus rides on stinky, hot, crowded buses. Over all ... an interesting experience. Any day on vacation is better than a good day working, right?

The next day was Cozumel, Mexico. We had opted to go on an excursion this port. It was a Zip line/rock climbing/rappelling/rope bridges/snorkeling trip that we were both TOTALLY pumped about. We were initially a little bit disappoointed by the set up of the operation. Instead of being in a jungle or forest setting it was at a resort. The zip line was over an expanse of sand/dirt and the whole area was less than 1/2 an acre in size. We still had a great time, despite failed expectations. The staff at the resort was upbeat, fun, and patient.

The best part though ... was the SNORKELING. I seriously could have done that alone all stinking day long. The fish, the color of the water, the bouyancy ... It was stuff of unrealized dreams. My next vacation is going to simply be about that - snorkeling.

We did a bit of shopping before we got back on the ship ... between my mom and I, I was the only one to spend any money. For two DelSol shirts for my kids. Everything else just seemed so ... tourist-y. Other than the jewelry. And I'm not a jewelry wearing type of gal.

The next day was once again at "sea" (Gulf). We joined in some BINGO games, mom took some dance lessons (from an extremely adorable South African), took part in "The Amzing Esctacy Race" (which we "won" a trophy and medals for ... I think simply because we were able to debate certain technicalities so well), hung out on the "Serenity Deck" (adults only) for some quality sun time, watched the last cruise produced show (not nearly as good as the first one) ... generally just hung out. It was a great last day.

It was a great cruise.
Neither my mom nor I really understood how people could gain 7-10lbs on a cruise. Sure, there is a lot to eat ALL of the time ... but there is always salads, fruits, activities, steps to climb ... I had three deserts a day (the best part of breakfast was the strudel that completed it!) yet, I still actually lost weight. Weird.


Jenie said...

You might want to add to this post...just saying.

mom said...

Ahhh, Krista, there's nothin here did ya fall asleep lol

Jenie said...

Much better:) Looks like a great cruise!

mom said...

I DIDNT WANT TOO SEE THE RUINS?? I'm thinkin that was an agreed upon decision. As I recall you weren't too in favor.