Friday, August 14, 2009


.... er ... What?
I beg your pardon, but I am left so confused by you, Bandslam.
I mean ... I get the general idea of what you were trying to portray.
I get the general point you were trying to make.
But duuuuuuude ...
What the Crap.
It was all over the place and the "emotions" displayed at various points and things "alluded" to ... it was almost confusing.
And the only reason they have Vanessa Hudgens - apparently the "big draw" for the movie - is for the last like 5 minutes.

It's stupid.

Ms. R loved it. So ... all I have to say is she has no sense of what is actually good. Then again, she's not so good at following plot lines or comprehending too many facts at a time ... she just liked the idea that these people were making music, making friends and being silly sometimes.


mom said...

is this a movie??

Krista said...

lol...yes, mom, it's a movie ;)