Friday, June 8, 2007

Women Power

Last night one of Jerry's clients had their annual conference, this year they held it at Reunion Tower. From this companies conception 7 years ago I have been pretty enthralled by it. The idea behind it is simply genius. Create a network that allows women business owners, women in high power positions in companies, women make the news are able to connect with other women. Women who can support them, further their careers, help them make other connections where they may need to. I have had the opportunity to attend quite a few of their conferences over the years, either as a participant (I go as a representative for Jerry's company) or as a "worker" for eWomennetwork - handing out name badges and whatnot.
Last night I attended as a guest, which means I just got to sit back, enjoy the food (chocolate fondue for dessert, YUM!), speakers, awards, meeting new women and renewing acquaintances with women I've met at past conferences.
Women of note I met last night:
Marilyn Tam: She grew up in Hong Kong the 2nd girl of 5 children, growing up with the knowledge that in her country and family her worth was less than dirt (literally). Marilyn persevered and became the President of Reebok Apparel and Retail Group; CEO of Aveda Corp. and Vice President of Nike Inc. She was honored for her work by the Greek government and the Euro American Women’s Council in Athens, Greece, May 2006 with her likeness on a Greek postage stamp. With all that she has accomplished, she is still very approachable, sweet and grounded.
Jan B. King: She began her career with Merritt Publishing in '83, when the company's founder retired in 1990, she became President and CEO. In 1997, Merritt Publishing was named the 44th largest woman owned/run business. She is incredibly spunky and earnest.
Nora L. Linville: She was named Director of Women's Sales and Marketing at American Airlines in March 2006. She is responsible for leading the company's efforts to target the women's consumer market and ultimately increase brand awareness. Nora participated in the review and change of non-refundable fare rules at American Airlines to allow customers to cancel and reuse their tickets. She also developed and implemented streamlined ticketing procedures for American Airlines Travel Agent promotional fares. Nora recently launched the
branch of American Airlines directed specifically for the woman traveller. VERY COOL. She's HILARIOUS, has a sparkling personality that shines on and on.


mom said...

sounds like a great evening and a good way to recharge your woman power

Heather said...

WOW.... I bet that was a fantastic event. I'll have to pay attention and see about going next year. I love these kinds of events - and it sounds like the speakers were incredible!

Jan said...

Thanks for the kind words. I like being called spunky and earnest -I think I will add that to my bio! I hope you are thinking of writing a book from your blog and I hope to see you again next summer at the eWomenNetwork Conference in Dallas!