Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cottage Retreat

No, this isn't a fun little thing I got to go away on this weekend. I wish, dearly. But not so much. Something somewhat more fun for Ms. R.
My in laws came back from Oregon this afternoon and wanted to do a fun birthday thing for Ms. R. So we went to Chuck E. Cheese (how is THAT not a barrel of fun?)
Then we headed out to finish off the furniture hunt for Ms. R's birthday present from Linda - her bedroom set. We ended up back at Ashley Furniture with both Ms. R and Linda drooling over this set (minus all the accessories, of course). The Cottage Retreat: With Linda insisting on getting high quality and the set was on sale ... I only squirmed a little when she wrote out the check and informed me I was to find a nice mattress within the next two weeks (that's when the set will be delivered) then let her know how much it was so she can send me the check.


Phil said...

sup babe?

mom said...

beautiful set, now all you have to do is convicne her to sleep in her own bed

Heather said...

TOTALLY gorgeous bedroom suite. Seriously... I'm gaga over it!