Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sunscreen and Chlorine

These are the smells of summer I loooove. Mostly because it means the sun is out and we're out by the pool at my gym. I cannot adequately convey how lazily happy soaking up the sun while I play in the pool with my kids makes me.
Ms. R has become quite brave this summer. There are two 2 story slides at the pool and Ms. R has decided she's big enough to go down them by herself. She has worn herself out the past two days climbing the stairs hour after hour for the 7 second ride down the open top slide. The pure joy on her face every time she goes shooting off the bottom is so much fun.
For those of you who are wondering how B-Man is doing with potty training - not so bad at all. He has officially used the toilet for all purposes for a week now. Ya'll can imagine how delighted this makes me. Unfortunately the day before he made this huge step I bought a huge pack of pull ups. Oh well, rather have bought them and never use them than never buy them and still cleaning out dirty undies.


mom said...

yes I agree I love the smells of summer, my smells right now are calves, and bottle feeding them, lots of fun! Good job with Master B.

Heather said...

Man, what I'd do to feel comfortable in a swimsuit without all this saggy skin... ie my thighs. Icky saggy thighs...

YAY on the potty training though!