Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Are You the Tooth Fairy?"

She asks me.
I freeze. Dread pours through me.
I can distinctly remember being told be a certain someone (we won't name any names will we? You know who you are.) that Santa wasn't real and how devastating that was to me. Was I ready to introduce my daughter to that same pain? Was I willing to put my daughter through that feeling of deceit?
So I continued cautiously.
"Why do you ask, baby?"
"Kimberly told me that her parents are the tooth fairy; she saw them taking her tooth."
"What do you think of that?"
"I don't know what she'd lie. So it's probably okay."
"Would you be okay with me being a tooth fairy too?"
"Yeah, I would like that."
"You would?"
"Yeah, that makes you magical!"
I puzzle over this silently until I notice her eyeing me up.
"What's the most magical part?"
"Where do you keep your wings? How did you know you were a tooth fairy? Do you shrink? Do you really build cities with my teeth?"

While I totally appreciate her acceptance of magic and all things special and sweet ... it kind of concerns me that this was the conclusion she came to.
Not that I have been lying to her.
But that some how I "fairy up".
Bless her soft, sweet heart.

I told her we have to keep this a secret, that no other kid should find out the "truth" about the tooth fairy from her ... And she thinks it's the greatest thing ever.


mom said...

you handled it wonderfully, don't worry about Miss R she'll be fine

Stacy said...

So where do you hid your wings? ;) I love that my cousin can "fairy it up"!

Jenie said...

That's awesome...what a creative, imaginative, little girl.

The Bui's said...

Magic! Well I have always thought that you were quite magical. Maybe you could use those wings to fly over for a visit sometime.

Krista said...

Stacy - I OF COURSE hide my wings under my scapula's. It's magic, you know.

Nancy - It seems to me every time I power up my wings you're in flight also. We HAVE TO stop "just missing" each other!