Sunday, July 8, 2007

Long Time

...still no see! Sorry, no pictures this entry, I cannot figure out how to get the pics off my camera. Next time, hopefully!
Here I am in Canada, once again. It is starting to feel like the boarder is a revolving door I cannot resist running through "just one more time". It's so nice being able to cross the boarder legally, visit the family, see old friends, enjoy a few days without rain...
As per usual, Jerry, the kids and I went to Utah for the Fourth of July to celebrate with his mom's family, attend the reunion, watch his brother Michael in the demolition derby, enjoy the incredible fireworks display, see his brothers, his older brothers family ... blah blah blah.
This year, Utah wasn't so bad at all. In past years I pretty much sat around twiddling my thumbs, feeling out of place and wishing myself anywhere else. This year Jerry's brothers kids played with my kids, I helped prepare the derby car, got to know a few of his cousins, visited with his sister in law and her sister ... Overall a much better experience. Maybe it really is me. Lately it feels like I haven't gone anywhere without having a conversation with someone new, either by my initiation or theirs. Really nice change in my life.
Since being in Canada we've gone to the Settlers Days in Coaldale, hung out at my moms farm and spent time here at Dawn's. It always feels like we're on the run while we're here. Not that I am complaining - I LOVE having something to do all the time. Someone around all the time. I would have done well as a huderite :) Those of you from southern Alberta will know what I am talking about.


mom said...

thoughs of us from southern alberta spell it "hutterite" hehe glad to have you here no matter how you spell it love ya

Jenie said...

It's great that you are having a good time, but I can't wait till you all arrive up here!

Gary said...

2 months and no updates?? are you feeling okay??