Sunday, May 29, 2011

Keel-ing Over

I have a some-what-most-of-the-time job working at a feedlot North of Raymond.
Let's not get "feedlot" confused with "slaughter house", they are TOTALLY different beasts.
If cattle die at the feedlot, they are inedible. hahahaaa.
No really they are, it's just a really gross happenstance.
And if I don't laugh at about it, it'd make me sick.

My job is "cattle processor".
Which essentially means I ... do it all.
count, innoculate, implant,
brand, split, run gates,
I don't check for nuts though,
I have my limits.
Which I get grief to NO end for.
I feel like I'm violating those poor beasts.
Though maybe they should be thanking me!
*another set of amused laughter*

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