Monday, June 15, 2009

I'll Do It in Order

Cause that's how I roll.
I've tried other ways.
I've TRIED to let things slide.
I've tried disorganizing.
Gotta tell you though, not so much me.
At all.
It makes me squirm.
It makes my stomach all jittery.
It makes my head hurt more than a little because all I can think about it getting it back in order.

Therefore, the next set of pictures will come in sequence.

Because I said so, darnit!

First of all, Ms. R's "cousin" birthday party up in Whitecourt, AB, on her birthday:

"Pool" portion at the Miller Center (FABULOUS pool, none of the bodies of water were shockingly cold. The kids were ready to go before I was...)

Then we went back to Jenie and Michael's house decorate cupcakes and open presents. I thought the idea of having the cupcakes the kids decorated as the cake was a fun idea. Duel purpose and all that.

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mom said...

WOW the kalidascope idea is just plain eye boggling, love the pictures