Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grandma Win

On the 17th of this month, we lost our Grandma Win. It's hard to write a tribute to her because of all the new things I was always learning about her in her later years. From the time I was a child I had one impression of her, but in the last 10 years my opinion of her has changed drastically. She was athletic, spunky, sassy, a fantastic pie maker, a willing listener, an indulgent story letter, a saviour to small children who hate fish, a game/game show lover ... Dawn, of all the grandchildren, was the closest to her I think. So she took the news particularly hard. I was a lot more introspective, having not spent the last 3 years the next town over from her. For me, it was a sad blow, simply because I realize the last of my natural grandparents are no longer living on this plane of existence. Knowing all the questions I had lined up to ask grandma so I could write down and never forget and pass on to the next generation ... will never be answered. That I waited too long. That I took for granted that she'd be there, as she always was.
Grandma's memorial service was just as Grumpa Jones' was. An open service with all invited to stand up and give a tribute and share a memory of her. There were a lot of tears, but so many more laughs. That, in itself, said so much to me. She has passed on a sense of humor to all of us. Something to cherish and celebrate.
Having so many of the cousins here was such a treat. Getting to know the younger ones, who are no longer so young. Renewing friendships with those that we were "tight" with when we were children. I just wish it didn't take such tragic circumstances to bring us all together.

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